KST 800 - Ophthalmoscope

KST 800

Series of KST 800 AC powered Ophthalmoscope performs as perfect optical system that offers a clear image of eyeground, still can be easily carried.
Parameter :
Illumination : large light spot、¢3.2mm)、 small light spot¢1.6mm)、slit、central-net、 Redfree filter.
Diopter compensation:0、±1D、±2D、±3D、±4D、±5D、±6D、±8D、±10D、±12D、±16D、±20D、-25D
Light source:3.6V、2.6WMini-halogen lamp
Power supply:AC220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Input power:5VA

KST 801 - Ophthalmoscope

KST 801

Illumination:large light spot、¢3.2mm)、 small light spot(¢1.6mm)、slit、central-net、  Redfree filter.
Diopter compensation:0、±1D、±2D、±3D、±4D、±5D、±6D、±8D、±10D、±12D、±16D、±20D、-25D
Light source:3.6V、2.6W Mini-halogen lamp
Power supply:AC220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Input power:8VA

KST 802 - Ophthalmoscope

KST 802

Illumination form:large light spot、small light spot、slit、central-net、Redfree filter.
Diopter compensation:0、±1D、±2D、±3D、±4D、±5D、±6D、±8D、±10D、±12D、±16D、±20D、-25D
Light source:2.6V、1.6W Mini-halogen lamp
Power supply:DC 2/5 tafferies OF A/1.5V

KST 803 - Streak Retinoscope

KST 803

Series of KST 803 Streak Retinoscope are used for diagnosing refractive error and irregular astigmatism. They are very easy to be operated and carried, and with nice-looking.
AME-6A AC Powered Streak Retinoscope is beautifully constructed, which give an intensive illumination, and is convenient to operate.
The well positioned glower can be rotated 360 upward and downward, the brightness can be adjusted.

KST 804 - Streak Retinoscope

KST 804

Rechargeable Streak Retinoscope is the first model which can be recharged with internal Li-ion battery in China, and last 2 hours after fully recharged.
Working distance: 1m
Adjustable range of streak:3mm-20mm
Streak Rotation:360℃
Illumination source:3V/2.1W halogen bulb
Power:AC220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Battery: Li-ion battery 

KST 805 - Combination Suit of Ophthalmoscope & Streak Retinoscope

KST 805

Share one charge and packing case, cost effective and portable for carrying with.
Battery with voltage protection device: when the battery voltage below 3v or above 4.2v. the power will shut up automatically, thus extend the life of the rechargeable battery.
Beautiful design as well as comfortable touch feelings.
Specifications please refer to 801 and 804

KST 806 - Pen-Ophthalmoscope and Pen-Otoscope.

KST 806

1.    Magnification:2.5X
2.    With seal structure and insufflation interface
3.    With 360 degree optical fiber and xenon halogen bulb light system
4.    AA alkaline battery
5.    Compact and easy carry
Reusable after high temperature sterilizing
With spin lock, simple and convenient.

KST 807 - Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

  • KST 807
  • KST 807 spec

Advanced optical design avoids the glistening and provides the broad filed.
Super-light one piece design.It's soft and comfortable enough to wear with the
adjustable height and width.
Equipped with +20D aspheric lens which provides clear image.